How to invest in water?

Interested parties have here the opportunity through three future-oriented investment opportunities to obtain dividend and constant appreciation of their investment:

  1. Direct ownership of the mineral spring:
    Return on capital through the general increase in value of the water resources. The owner provides up to 49% of the shares of the spring for the purchase by seriously interested parties.
    The minimum term of commitment is 10 years. Tax depreciation are possible under current EU - or domestic law.

  2. Participation as a shareholder in the bottling factory:
    Dividend through the international marketing of state-authorized Premium mineral water.

    For the new factory of the future bottling mineral water Le Chancel, 100% equity have to be provided by the participation of the shareholders.
    The bottling company receives the lease of the spring, the necessary licenses, the design and the brand name.
    The shareholders of the bottling company elect the Board and set out the statutes.

  3. Ownership of the spring and shareholder of the bottling factory.

  4. Acquisition of the whole mineral spring Le Chancel including licence, brand, protection zone. Optionally the project and the construction ground for the bottling factory will be acquired.

Your Investment:

- no later than today and tomorrow for your children and grandchildren.
- complete and secure your assets, recession-proofed for the future.
Become a shareholder of a large mineral water spring and make your contribution to the maintenance and the provision of new natural resources.

Your security:

Transparency in your participation is crucial.

All investments are handled by a notary in France under EU law in English, French or German.
Tell us the notary or lawyer of your choice. We will be glad to formulate with him and with you the necessary formalities in English, French or German.

Please make sure to submit us your special inquiries (with details about your intentions) via the contact form.

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