Water: Your investment in a natural resource

There are no points which aren't discussed as much on an international level as global warming, energy, raw materials and nutrition. Concerning all these issues pure drinking water and the free access to it, are highly related. On the blue planet, high quantities of water are available. But how do we use this raw material? - and how is the occurrence of this raw material distributed? We are wasting this raw material in an irresponsible way! WHO owns the natural sources?
Who distributes this resource?
and is aiming a monopoly position?
Pure drinking water reserves, particularly mineral water are today rather the subject of sales strategies and business policies, and thus the mercy of the global players, than accessible to the needs of the public and the small businesses.
Water is common property. But the pure drinking water springs are in solid hands- and where you need water the most, it does not exist! Or is there very expensive!

Worldwide natural disasters lead to enormous demands for bottled drinking water.
Only defined quantities can be uniformly distributed by aid agencies to the needy population.

Anyone can invest in water: whether personal, sales or industrial

good-water-invest.com is 100% owner of the nationally recognized mineral water spring Le Chancel, with an incidence of 170 000 000 liters per year in France.
We have been familiar for the last 25 years with the establishment of mineral springs, their marketing, their technology and the related EU-Legal basis. We operate on over 40 ha, intensive protection of the mineral water spring Le Chancel: We conserve and maintain the biodiversity and protect the environment of the spring with the additional use of organic farming.

Water is vital for life

- lately today and tomorrow for the upcoming generations.
Become a part of the valorisation of a large mineral sring and make your contribution to the preservation and the provision of new natural resources.

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