1. The drinking water needs

On an international level, Scientifics fear that the demand for drinking water will highly rise due to global warming on our planet. Without expensive chemical treatment of drinking water a regular supply of the consumers water needs is not possible but seems to help about crises. However, the significant amount of energy used to treat the future drinking water is not proportional to the simple economical use of natural resources and the environmental impact is stunningly high.
With treated, purified water is only produced a drinkable quality.

There are no alternatives for natural drinking water reserves. In Europe, industrial projects, such as the development of new natural resources, recieve tax benefits and public funding of the investments and because of the environmental protection, recieve the recognition of the population.

2. The safe strategy without any risks

The owners of this common property are generally the world's largest corporations and governments with a huge profit.
For this reason: Can you imagine, that pure drinking water is not needed anymore one day? - and shall be delivered without any additional profit?
Can you imagine that pure drinking water remains available for free to the consumer in the foreseeable future without harmful ingredients?
And above all:
What are going to be the decisive consequences for the future generations?

3. Mineral water

Mineral water is a self-renewing natural resource, which can never be broken down completely, like for example coal, gas or oil. Mineral water, filtered at great depth through layers of rock, can in its cycle to the spring outlet be a several centuries old.
This natural cleaning process, based on the value of simple tap water, refines without any expenditure of energy our natural resource through an increase in value of at least 1000%! State-approved but not yet commercially used mineral water springs especially deserve the public interest. - And deserve to be supported in the future by the public sector.
Moreover a mineral water spring is marked by its location, far of cities and populations.

Due to the economic use of new spings is here achieved a double effect with the creation of jobs in economically underdeveloped regions.

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