Without origin no future

Bio - Nature Park Le Chancel - a little bit more than just a spring

The running of the mineral water spring is our responsibility to the cultural and historical background in untouched nature and environment.
The property Le Chancel has already been for hundreds of years the water storage of the surrounding areas. The high purity of the springs of the property Le Chancel has been known for more than 400 years. Old fountains have from here to today supplied the surrounding hamlets with water through mud brick pipes. With the development of the new spring Le Chancel in 1987, one of the purest mineral water springs of this capacity has been discovered.
Prehistoric finds, such as remains of late Roman settlement with a vineyard in the surroundings is proven by archaeological evidence. The lion in the coat of arms of the village remains as medieval legacy.


The flora and fauna, which usually has gone completely lost through intensive farming in the area, has been preserved on the property Le Chancel.
Over 90% of all the rare and protected wild plants of the region's typical Biodiversity are represented here, on 100% mixed forest and organic pasture.
Natural truffles which have almost completely disappeared in the Auvergne complete the Idyll of a force of nature resistent to all environmental influences.

To mantain all this we are highly engaged in organic agriculture.

No other mineral water spring has more the right to wear the predicate "organic mineral water spring".

Environment and its protection

Become with us a lawyer for the environment:

Le Chancel combines Culture and environment with the protection of natural resources and mantains by this way the regional Biodiversity for the profit of a new and pure product. Our politicians are vaunting themselves with slogans about food control, Biodiversity and Environment. But nothing seems really meant. Everybody is playing in this game and more than anywhere else nothing seems more contradictory than appearences and the reality.

For this reason the only real success of new prducts can rely on loyality about quality and the environmental impact.

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