good-water-invest - The mineral water spring Le Chancel

First in the Auvergne approved mineral water since Volvic 40 years ago

After 6 years of extensive scientific studies, the water of Le Chancel was recognized on 28th January 1993 by the French Health Ministry as a natural mineral water.
Analysis both by the National Laboratory of Public Health (July 1991) and the German Institute-Fresenius (March 1993) stress out the exceptional purity of the water, and in particular the absence of nitrate and the low sodium content.
The National Laboratory of Public Health also points out the excellent bacteriological quality of the mineral water Le Chancel and the absolute consistency of its chemical composition. The balanced, slightly mineralized mineral water Le Chancel is because of its exceptionally high purity (nitrate-free, low sodium) of great importance for the human organism.

The natural ennoblement of water is mineral water

The human body contains about 70% water. With a permanent renewal of the water balance through the mineral water Le Chancel, the body is detoxified and receives important trace elements.

  • Through the absence of nitrate, Le Chancel is appropriate to reduce the nitrate content of the daily food intake.
    Specifically, this means:
    The risk associated with the daily consumption of nitrate contaminated food is reduced.

  • Le Chancel is suitable for making salt-free diets, because of its low sodium content and the presence of important trace elements.

  • Le Chancel promotes the body's own detoxification mechanisms through the excretion of uric acid and urea. Due to the increased diuresis, the urine becomes more diluted and the urinary tract becomes more flushed. This can be meaningful if you tend to form kidney stones.

  • The mineral water Le Chancel is suitable for the concurrent treatment of high blood pressure patients. Le Chancel helps against the development of high blood pressure and related cardiovascular diseases.

Le Chancel contains all the essential minerals and trace elements in balanced proportions. Compared to many highly mineralized waters, Le Chancel gives the organism important minerals such as sodium chloride in an controlled and non-random manner. The body receives only the amount of minerals which he actually needs. For non-localized symptoms this may be of great importance.

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